Who will win Amputee Football Euro? Answer today!

Turkey or Spain? One of these teams will lift cup for Amputee Football Euro and become a new European Champion. This game will start at 20:00. At 17:30 Poland and Russia will play for bronze medal of this Tournament. Both games will be played at Cracovia Stadium.

9:00 Belgium – Israel (Positions 13-14, Garbarnia Stadium)
11:00 Ukraine – Goergia (Positions 11-12, Garbarnia Stadium)
11:30 Greece – Germany (Positions 9-10, Garbarnia Stadium)
13:00 France – Ireland (Positions 7-8, Garbarnia Stadium)
13:30 England – Italy (Positions 5-6, Garbarnia Stadium)
17:30 Poland – Russia (Positions 3-4, Cracovia Stadium)
20:00 Spain – Turkey (Final, Cracovia Stadium)

You can check online scores and watch live all Sunday games [HERE].

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