Cracovia Stadium

Józefa Kałuży 1, 30-111 Krakow

Cracovia Stadium Józef Piłsudski is located at ul. Józefa Kałuż 1. The object, which undoubtedly belongs to the pearls of modern sports architecture, can accommodate over 15,000. viewers. The stadium is fully roofed and designed in such a way that in every place, in comfortable conditions, it is possible to experience football emotions.

The stadium meets all UEFA category 3 requirements. The facility also meets most of the requirements of the higher category Elite, thanks to which in June 2017 the final of the European youth championships was played here.

Garbarnia Stadium

Rydlówka 23, 30-347 Krakow

Garbarnia stadium located at Rydlowka street was opened in 1990. There are two full-size grass pitches and one artificial turf pitch at football players’ disposal . Garbarnia stadium’s stands are equipped in platics seats and can host around 1000 spectators.

Pradniczanka Stadium

Andrzeja Boboli 5, 31-408 Krakow

Władysław Kawula Prądniczanka Municipal Stadium is located at St. Andrzej Boboli 5, str. The stadium was modernized in 2018 and is the home of the Prądniczanka Cracow Sports Club for the day. The stadium can seat 1224 spectators on fully roofed stands. Artificial turf with FIFA and UEFA approvals, artificial lighting and stadium infrastructure require the use of Polish Football Association licenses for II league clubs.

This cozy stadium has already hosted the players of the Polish National Ampfutbol team. In June 2018, Poland faced the representation of Ireland at this facility.

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