The European Amputee Football Championship gets closer. Rivaldo: It will be spectacular!

European Amputee Football Championship Krakow 2021 is approaching with a great step and on September 12 at Cracovia Stadium the first whistle will sound in the opening match between the national teams of Poland and Ukraine. In recent days, Cracovia Stadium has been visited by Rivaldo, who came to Krakow to meet his son Rivaldinho, a Cracovia player. During his short visit to Wawel, there was, of course, an amputee football accent.

Rivaldo stayed in Krakow for only a few days, but it was enough to make him fall in love with the city and manage to declare in front of the camera of the Cracovia Media TV that he will quickly return to Krakow. Former footballer of Barcelona and Milan, and a multiple representative of Brazil, was also impressed by the stadium where Cracovia play their matches, which in September will be one of the three arenas of the European Amputee Football Championship Krakow 2021. This is where the opening match, semi-finals, 3rd place game and the final will be played.

“I invite you to the European Amputee Football Championship, which will be held soon. I encourage you to come to the stands. It will be spectacular!” – with these words Rivaldo invites all fans, and the video can be viewed on the official profiles of Amp Futbol Polska on Facebook and Twitter (links below). The Brazilian recorded this invitation immediately after the meeting with Kamil Rosiek, the player of the Polish Amputee National Team, who was waiting for him at the Cracovia Stadium to give him a commemorative scarf, and above all an invitation to the European Championship in Krakow in September. There was also a sporting accent, when both players were passing ball on the pitch, where Rosiek will soon fight for EURO medals.

“It was an amazing experience for me” – admits Kamil Rosiek, the Polish national player in amputee football. “When I was a young boy, I admired Rivaldo from the times of his performances in Barcelona or Milan, I am glad that now – as a Polish representative – I could not only meet one of my football idols, but also play with him for a while at Cracovia stadium. Of course, I gave Rivaldo an invitation to the European Amputee Football Championship Krakow 2021” – confirms the Polish national team player, who at the same time keeps his fingers crossed for the Brazilian’s next visit in Cracow.

“It would be fantastic if Rivaldo could watch at least one of our EURO matches from the stands. He will certainly be impressed with how we can play football” – says Rosiek, who is also looking forward to the September championship in Krakow. “It will be a great event. Very strong teams will come, headed by the Turks – European Champions – but we also feel strong and our main goal is also medals. We hope that the full stands of our fans and their support will lead us to make the EURO a historic success” – says the national team defender.

European Amputee Football Championship Krakow 2021 will be held on September 12-19 at three Krakow stadiums: Cracovia, Garbarnia and Prądniczanka. Poles will fight against Ukraine, Spain and Israel for promotion to the knockout stage. The EURO ambassador is Robert Lewandowski. Entry to all Championship matches will be FREE, and special tickets will be available on the match day directly at the stadiums. The organizers will provide more information on the exact schedule of individual meetings and additional details on the distribution of free tickets soon.

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